Capitals of the American Continent

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1.1- Information on elected officials and municipality staff
1.- Biographical data and C.V. are specified for the Mayor and the aldermen.
2.- E-mail addresses of the Mayor and Aldermen are specified.
3.- A list of trusted municipality staff and the individual or collective amount of their salaries are published.
4.- The remuneration of Mayor and Aldermen are published.
5.- The disclosure of assets and property of Mayor and Aldermen are published.
6.- The organisation chart of the municipality is published.
7.- The municipal agenda and civic activities are published.
8.- A list of the jobs in the Municipality Council as well as their remuneration is published.
1.2- Information about the organisation and the municipality’s heritage
9.- The different governing bodies and their functions are specified.
10.- A list of property (offices, premises, etc.) both owned and occupied under a lease and / or attached to the municipality are published.
11.- The number of official cars (owned or leased) assigned to the municipality are published.
1.3- Information about the municipal rules and institutions
12.- The municipal ordinances are published.
13.- The minutes of the plenary sessions or summary of the Municipal meetings are published.
14.- A “code of ethics or good governance” and / or municipal transparency ordinance exists and is published.
1.4- Planning and organisation of the municipality
15.- The recruitment processes are published.
2.1.- Public Communication.
16.- The institution has a web 2.0.
17.- The institutional website is Responsive Design (Adaptive to Mobile devices).
18.- There is a news module on the website.
19.- You can access the municipal website’s sitemap.
20.- The Municipal website is accessible or has an accessibility module.
21.- There is an indexed search within the Website.
22.- Specifies a contact email.
23.- There is a transparency portal.
24.- The municipal’s social networks are integrated within the website.
25.- There is a form to contact directly with the Mayor.
26.- There is a complaints and claims form.
27.- All the transparency information is indexed within the institutional website or transparency portal.
2.2.- M-Government (Mobile Government)
28.- The municipality has mobile applications that allow access to the public information.
2.3.- Open Data
29.- There is Open Data portal.
3.1- Information and commitment level with the citizenship
30.- There are discussion forums on the municipal website.
31.- The municipal Strategic Plan (or Strategic Map) is approved and published.
32.- A Citizen Participation Regulation exists and is published.
33.- Citizens suggestions and participation are allowed in preparing the municipal budgets.
34.- There is a citizen service office.
35.- There is a communication tool for municipal incidents (damages, repairs, etc.)
36.- There is a tool or online form that allows the request of public information from the citizens.
37.- There is a tool or form that allows citizens to make proposals or requests to the governing bodies of the municipality.
4.1- Transparency in municipal debts
38.- The amount of municipal debt is published.
4.2- Economic and budgetary information
39.- The municipality’s Budgets are published with a description of the main budget items and with updated information on the implementation status.
40.- The Financial Accounts of the municipality are published (Balance Sheet, economical and assets results account, report, and settlement of the budget).
41.- Income and expenses statements (municipality, public private companies, and entities) are published.
5.1- Service contracting procedures
42.- There are public procurement formulas or mechanisms which are open, objective and transparent.
43.- The procurement processes are public and open.
5.2- Relations and operations with suppliers and contractors
44.- he list and / or the operations amount with the main municipality suppliers, contractors and bidders are published.
5.3- Contracts, agreements and grants
45.- All formalised contracts are published, indicating the subject, the bidding and awarded amount, the used procedure, the instruments through which it has been publicised, the number of tenderers in the procedure and the identity of the winning bidders.
46.- Granted subsidies and public aid are published indicating their amount, objective or purpose and the beneficiaries.
6.1- Urban planning and zoning agreements
47.- The website has a visible section dedicated to Urban Development.
48.- A general urban planning or equivalent document is published.
6.2- Announcements and tenders of public works
49.- Accurate information about the current regulations on urban management of the municipality is published.
50.- The most important projects, specifications and bidding criteria of public works is published.
6.3- Information about concurrents, offers and resolutions
51.- The list of companies that have competed for the bidding of public works is published.
52.- The names of the companies that have done the most important public works is published.
6.4- Monitoring and control of the execution of the works
53.- It provides accurate information on each of the most important infrastructure in progress (Objectives of the work and municipal official).
v2.1 – 2 (19-04-2016)

  • Modified: There is a transparency portal or the transparency information is available in a structured way within the institutional web.
  • Added: All the transparency information is indexed within the institutional website or transparency portal.
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