New Online Platform in New York Engages Citizens in Government Oversight to Stem Corruption in partnership with Dyntra


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FECHA: 13 de marzo de 2017

CATEGORÍAS: English  New York  transparency  

«It can be done. Citizens can hold their governments accountable at every level if they have the right tools for the job,» said Reclaim New York Executive Director Brandon Muir. «The new evaluation platform we released today is going to change the game. Now, every New Yorker can get involved and show whether their local government is open and transparent, or operating in the shadows.»

Reclaim partnered with data management specialists in open government at Dyntra to create the innovative new transparency platform. The evaluation system allows local residents to learn whether they’re getting the transparency they deserve with 29 indicators of open government that include: whether contracts are posted online, access to expenditure records, notice of meetings and minutes, elected official contact information, as well as posting of permits and forms.

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