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Transparency Evaluation based on Index
DCDEP (Dyntra Clubes y Sociedades Anónimas Deportivas)

Institutional Transparency 5.13%

Information on the governing bodies and staff of the Club. It is published: 7.69%

(1 out of 13 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep111 The organizational chart of the Club with those responsible for the different bodies, their functions and dependency relationships
dcdep112 The biographical data of the Presidency and the members of the Board of Directors
dcdep113 The professional career of the Presidency and the members of the Board of Directors
dcdep114 The emails of the Presidency and the members of the Board of Directors
dcdep115 The declaration of assets, activities and interests of the President and the members of the Board of Directors
dcdep116 The professionalization agreement of the President and / or his/her working conditions or remuneration
dcdep117 Remuneration, compensation of any kind and condition perceived, as the case may be, by the members of the Board of Directors / and the representative bodies of the Club
dcdep118 The remuneration received by the top management members or the highest executive officers of the Club, as well as the representation expenses (individual or global) originated by them
dcdep119 The travel expenses of the President and the directors of the Club
dcdep1110 The general expenses of coaches and sports management personnel and the characteristics of their activity
dcdep1111 The gifts received by the President and the Board of Directors
dcdep1112 The institutional agenda of the Club's President
dcdep1113 There is a mailbox of the Club's President

Information about the Club's Organization. It is published: 14.29%

(1 out of 7 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep121 The strategic plans and / or annual and / or multi-year programs of the Club, as well as the activities, means and time foreseen for its achievement
dcdep122 The legal, institutional and statutory regulations and other internal regulations that bind the Club
dcdep123 The agreements of the General Assembly of the Club, as well as those taken by the Board of Directors or the Delegate Committee
dcdep124 If the Club is, or not, in a situation of bankruptcy, or pre-contest or similar situation
dcdep125 The relationship of the personnel hired by the Club and their remuneration
dcdep126 The employment offer of the Club
dcdep127 Information regarding the electoral processes of the Club

Information about the Club's Assets. It is published: 0%

(0 out of 3 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep131 The relation of real estate and properties of the Club
dcdep132 The inventory of property and rights in rem
dcdep133 The relation of movable property, mobile park and those of high economic value of the Club

Compliance in the Club 0%

(0 out of 6 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep141 A Compliance model exists in the Club and it is published
dcdep142 There is a Whistleblowing Channel
dcdep143 A Code of Ethics or Good Practices and/or Behaviors exists and is published
dcdep144 There is an Ethics Committee or body to supervise good practices and to manage the information received through the Whistleblower Channel
dcdep145 Measures or policies of a social nature or of social responsibility of the Club exist and are published
dcdep146 An external audit procedure exists and is published about the Club's Compliance model.

Information on equality and the inclusion of women in sports 0%

(0 out of 10 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep151 There is a list of women's teams in all categories and it is published.
dcdep152 There is a Plan to promote the inclusion of women in Sport and within the Club, and it is published.
dcdep153 The percentage of women athletes in the Club and its evolution during the last years is published.
dcdep154 Data on attendance at women's sporting events and their evolution in recent years are published.
dcdep155 The percentage of women in the Club is published indicating also the percentage they occupy in management positions.
dcdep156 The budget item corresponding to the Women's Team is published.
dcdep157 The percentage of the female budget with respect to the total budget is published.
dcdep158 The agreement or labor conditions applicable to the women's team is published.
dcdep159 The budget for advertising and promotion of the Women's Team is published.
dcdep1510 The percentage of advertising and promotion of the Women's Team regarding the general budget in Advertising is published.

Communication and Relationship with Fans and the Public 52%

Institutional Communication 76.92%

(10 out of 13 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep211 The institution has a web 2.0
dcdep212 The institutional website is Responsive Design (adaptive for mobile devices)
dcdep213 There is a news module on the web
dcdep214 You can see the sitemap of the Club's website
dcdep215 The institutional website is accessible or has an accessibility module
dcdep216 There is an internal search engine within the Club's website
dcdep217 Email addresses are specified for each of the sections or departments of the Club, as well as the general contact information of the Club
dcdep218 A map of the Club's social networks is published and is integrated in the institutional website
dcdep219 It has a built-in video channel
dcdep2110 There is a complaints and claims mailbox
dcdep2111 The website is translated into English
dcdep2112 There is a transparency portal or the transparency information is structured within the institutional web
dcdep2113 All transparency information is indexed within the institutional website or transparency portal

Information for members, fans and the general public. It is published: 25%

(3 out of 12 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep221 There exists a members' area for club members/shareholders.
dcdep222 Training courses are offered and/or taught so that employees and managers know the legal obligations that affect them in the development of their activity
dcdep223 The list of teams, associations, groups or entities related to the Club and its basic data
dcdep224 There is a space reserved on the Club's website for receiving suggestions, or requests from members, fans, clubs and/or associations.
dcdep225 There is some online tool or form that allows requesting information from partners/shareholders and/or citizens in general
dcdep226 The basic catalog of the Club's activities, as well as the venues of its services and equipment
dcdep227 The number of spectators in the various sporting events held on the pitches, venues and facilities of the Club
dcdep228 A calendar with the events, activities and competitions organized by the Club
dcdep229 The specific rules and recommendations of the Club on behaviors, and against violence, in its facilities
dcdep2210 The Club's internal regulations, and/or at least the measures adopted or planned against the potentially violent or radical groups that attend the Club's sports venue.
dcdep2211 Decisions regarding the distribution and location of tickets for away games or finals, animation materials that are prohibited, and other rules on security and animation
dcdep2212 The results of surveys made to members, fans and/or public about the satisfaction or quality of Club services exist and are published.

Economic-Financial Transparency 17.86%

Accounting information. It is published: 25%

(1 out of 4 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep311 The date of deposit in the Mercantile Registry of the Club's last Annual Accounts
dcdep312 The date of delivery of the Annual Accounts of the last season to the Higher Sports Council (CSD) or equivalent body
dcdep313 The individual and consolidated interim financial statements
dcdep314 The Club's Breakeven Point

Information about income and expenses. It is published: 0%

(0 out of 10 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep321 The breakdown of the relevant income of the Club: a) Box office; b) Sponsorship and publicity; c) Retransmission rights; d) Commercial activities; e) Other operating income; f) Benefits for the alienation of federative rights; g) Capital gains on the sale of property, plant and equipment; h) Financial income; i) Income derived from non-monetary items; j) Revenue operations with related parties above the reasonable; k) Income from operations not related to the club; l) Treatment of income and expenses derived from reductions for the contests
dcdep322 The detail of the relevant Expenses of the Club is published: a) Cost of sales / materials; b) Expenses in employee compensation; c) Other operating expenses; d) Amortization / impairment of federative rights; e) Losses due to the alienation of federative rights; f) Financial costs and dividends; g) Expense operations with related parties below the value reasonable; h) Expenses in quarry development activities; i) Expenditures on community development activities; j) Non-monetary debits / charges; k) Financial costs directly attributable to the construction of property, plant and equipment; l) Operating expenses not related to the club
dcdep323 The total and detailed amount of donations, inheritances, legacies and awards given to the Club
dcdep324 A report on the benefits obtained through the sports activities and competitions organized by the Club
dcdep325 Indicator: % that represent the benefits obtained through the organization of activities and competitions
dcdep326 Indicator: % that the subsidies represent in the global budget
dcdep327 Indicator: % Expenses derived from the first team
dcdep328 Indicator: % income quotas / total budget
dcdep329 Indicator: % revenue sponsorships / total budget
dcdep3210 The breakdown of spending on promotional campaigns.

Transparency in indebtedness. 33.33%

(2 out of 6 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep331 The amount broken down by the Club's indebtedness: 1) Debt with the public administrations: a) Debt with the Public Treasury, b) Social Security Debts; 2) Other debts with banks or private entities.
dcdep332 The evolution of the debt in the last 5 years
dcdep333 Indebtedness: Total Club Debts / Relevant Revenues
dcdep334 The list of debts with public administrations or the Certificate of being up to date with public finance and Social Security is published
dcdep335 The list of debts and credits with employees is published
dcdep336 The list of debts and credits with sports personnel is published

Economic and budgetary information 25%

(2 out of 8 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep341 The budget for income and expenses, treasury, investments and divestments, financing and other documentation required in the budgetary rules
dcdep342 The Annual Accounts / General Account, and if applicable, consolidated by the Club (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Statements, Statement of Changes in the Net worth, Reports, etc.)
dcdep343 The Annual Accounts / General Account of related entities
dcdep344 External Audit Reports on Club accounts
dcdep345 Financial Autonomy: Net equity / (Liabilities + Net equity)
dcdep346 Economic relevance of the first team: Total remuneration of the first team / Total budget of the Club
dcdep347 Amount invested in players of the first team / Revenue relevant to the last season
dcdep348 An internal control and/or audit procedure of the Club exists and is described, and the reports of the economic control body or commission are published.

Contracting of Services 10%

Information on contracts, agreements and grants 10%

(1 out of 10 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dcdep411 The list of formalized Contracts formalized with any public entity (or under public control)
dcdep412 Minor contracts (at least quarterly) formalized with any public entity
dcdep413 The list and/or the amount of transactions with the most important suppliers, awardees and/or contractors of the Club
dcdep414 The list of most important sponsors and amount of sponsorship of at least the last 3 years
dcdep415 The list of Agreements signed by the Club, with indication of the signatory parties, object and duration, the obligated parties and the agreed economic obligations
dcdep416 Subsidies and public aid received with indication of their origin, amount, objective or purpose
dcdep417 The amounts received by the Club in terms of: a) The transfers and b) The signings made in the last two seasons (at least the number of players and the total amount)
dcdep418 The amounts received by: a) The sale of players and b) The loan of players (at least the number of players and the global)
dcdep419 The salary cap of the Club staff
dcdep4110 The number of minors with license to the service of the Club in its different levels and sports sections