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Transparency Evaluation based on Index
DWC (Dyntra World Cities)

Municipal transparency

Information on elected officials and Municipality staff

(8 indicators)

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dwc111 Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles of the Municipality: biographical data and C.V. are specified.
dwc112 The email addresses of the Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles of the Municipality are specified.
dwc113 A list of trusted positions (posts) of the municipality are published as well as their individual or collective amount of remuneration.
dwc114 The remuneration of Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles are published.
dwc115 The declaration of assets and property of the Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles are published.
dwc116 The organizational structure of the municipality is published.
dwc117 The agenda of municipal and civic activities is published.
dwc118 A list of work posts in the municipality and the remuneration for each post is published.

Information on the organization and patrimony of the Municipality

(3 indicators)

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dwc121 The different governing bodies and their functions are specified.
dwc122 The list of properties (offices, premises, etc.), both own and leased, occupied and / or attached to the Municipality is published.
dwc123 The number of official vehicles assigned to the municipality (owned or leased) are published.

Information on municipal rules and institutions

(3 indicators)

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dwc131 The municipal ordinances are published.
dwc132 The minutes of plenary sessions or memory of Municipal meetings are published.
dwc133 There exists a "code of ethics or good governance" and / or a transparency ordinance of the municipality and it is published.

Planning and organization of the municipality

(1 indicators)

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dwc141 The recruitment processes are published.

Access to information and active advertising

Public Communication.

(12 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc211 The institution has a web 2.0.
dwc212 Institutional web is Responsive Design (Adaptive to Mobile devices).
dwc213 There is a news module on the web.
dwc214 You can see the Municipal's website sitemap.
dwc215 There is a module on the institutional website that allows universal accessibility to the published information.
dwc216 There is an indexed search box within the Website.
dwc217 There is a contact email.
dwc218 There is a transparency portal or the transparency information is found in a structured way within the institutional website.
dwc219 The municipal social networks are integrated within the website.
dwc2110 There is a mailbox of the Mayor.
dwc2111 There is a complaints and claims mailbox.
dwc2112 All the transparency information within the institutional web or transparency portal is indexed.

M-Government (Mobile Government)

(1 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc221 Municipality has mobile applications that allow access to public information.

Citizen participation and collaboration

Information and degree of commitment with citizenship

(9 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc311 There are discussion forums on the municipal website.
dwc312 The municipal Strategic Plan (or Strategic Map) is approved and is published.
dwc313 There exists a citizen participation regulation and it is published.
dwc314 Suggestions and citizen participation in preparing municipal budgets are made possible.
dwc315 There is a Citizen Care Office.
dwc316 There exists a municipal communication and incidents tool (damages, repairs, etc.)
dwc317 There exists a tool or online form that allows the request of public information from citizens.
dwc318 There exists a tool or a form that allows citizens to make proposals or petitions to the governing bodies of the municipality.
dwc319 Information regarding Accountability is published through a tool, or a viewer, that allows citizens to know the degree of compliance with electoral and / or government commitments during the legislature.

Economic and financial transparency

Transparency in municipal debts

(1 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc411 The amount of municipal debt is published.

Economic and budgetary information

(4 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc421 The municipal Budgets are published with a description of the main budget items and actualised updates on their status of implementation.
dwc422 Annual Accounts / General Account of the municipality (Balance Sheet, economic and patrimonial result, Memory, and settlement of the budget) are published.
dwc423 The income and expenses statements (Municipality, public bodies and entities) are published
dwc424 There exists an Economic-Financial Transparency viewer where the budget data and its execution status are displayed in a graphical, clear and accessible way, and is understandable by the citizens.

Transparency in contracting services

Contracting services procedures

(2 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc511 There exist open, objective and transparent public contracting formulas or mechanism.
dwc512 The contracting processes are public and open.

Relations and operations with suppliers and contractors

(1 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc521 The list and / or the amount of operations with the major suppliers, contractors and bidders with the municipality is published.

Contracts, agreements and grants

(2 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc531 All the formalised contracts are published indicating the subject, the amount of bidding and award, the used procedure, the instruments through which it has been publicized, the number of participating tenderers in the procedure and the identity of the awardees.
dwc532 The granted subsidies and public aids are published indicating their amount, objective or purpose, and beneficiaries.

Public Works and Urban Planning

Urban planning and zoning agreements

(2 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc611 There is a visible section on the website dedicated to urbanism.
dwc612 The General Urban Management Plan or equivalent document is published.

Public works announcements and tenders

(2 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc621 Accurate information about the current legislation on urban management of the municipality is published.
dwc622 The projects, specifications and bidding criteria of the most important public works are published.

Information on competitors, offers and resolutions

(2 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc631 The list of companies that have participated in public works biddings is published.
dwc632 The names of the companies that have executed the most important urbanization works are published.

Monitoring and control of the execution of works

(3 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc641 Accurate information is provided on each of the major infrastructure projects that are in progress (Objectives of the work and municipal manager)
dwc642 There exists some tool or viewer that allows to know the public works and infrastructures carried out, as well as data on the status, budget and evolution of the same.
dwc643 The City Council has an Integral Territorial management system and/or urban planning.

Open Data

Open Data

(1 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dwc711 There is an Open Data portal.