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The Dyntra Municipalities of DR Congo is made possible throught the Dyntra Collaboration Program (DCP) in collaboration with the ‘Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption’ (CERC).

Transparency Evaluation based on Index
DMDRC (Dyntra Municipalities of the Democratic Republic of Congo)

Municipal transparency

Information on elected officials and Municipality staff

(8 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dmdrc111 Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles of the Municipality: biographical data and C.V. are specified.
dmdrc112 The email addresses of the Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles of the Municipality are specified.
dmdrc113 A list of trusted positions (posts) of the municipality are published as well as their individual or collective amount of remuneration.
dmdrc114 The remuneration of Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles are published.
dmdrc115 The declaration of assets and property of the Mayor and Aldermen / Ediles are published.
dmdrc116 The organizational structure of the municipality is published.
dmdrc117 The agenda of municipal and civic activities is published.
dmdrc118 A list of work posts in the municipality and the remuneration for each post is published.

Information on the organization and patrimony of the Municipality

(3 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dmdrc121 The different governing bodies and their functions are specified.
dmdrc122 The list of properties (offices, premises, etc.), both own and leased, occupied and / or attached to the Municipality is published.
dmdrc123 The number of official vehicles assigned to the municipality (owned or leased) are published.

Information on municipal rules and institutions

(3 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dmdrc131 The municipal ordinances are published.
dmdrc132 The minutes of plenary sessions or memory of Municipal meetings are published.
dmdrc133 There exists a "code of ethics or good governance" and / or a transparency ordinance of the municipality and it is published.

Planning and organization of the municipality

(1 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dmdrc141 The recruitment processes are published.

Access to information and active advertising

Public Communication.

(12 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dmdrc211 The institution has a web 2.0.
dmdrc212 Institutional web is Responsive Design (Adaptive to Mobile devices).
dmdrc213 There is a news module on the web.
dmdrc214 You can see the Municipal's website sitemap.
dmdrc215 The municipal website is accessible or has an accessibility module.
dmdrc216 There is an indexed search box within the Website.
dmdrc217 There is a contact email.
dmdrc218 There is a transparency portal or the transparency information is found in a structured way within the institutional website.
dmdrc219 The municipal social networks are integrated within the website.
dmdrc2110 There is a mailbox of the Mayor.
dmdrc2111 There is a complaints and claims mailbox.
dmdrc2112 All the transparency information within the institutional web or transparency portal is indexed.