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Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)


Victor Ndoma Egba



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15 out of 49 published indicators
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1 dndi
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The Niger Delta Transparency Index is made possible with the support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development and the PIND Foundation. Its contents do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Government nor PIND Foundation.

ANEEJ believes in improving transparency and accountability of targeted Niger Delta Institutions through Civic Engagement and effective reporting of their activities.

Transparency Evaluation based on Index
DNDI (Dyntra Niger Delta Institutions Transaprency and Accountability Index)

Access to information and public disclosure 83.33%

Synergy with other NDIs/Niger Delta development agencies and government agencies 0%

Synergy with other NDIs/Niger Delta development agencies and government agencies. It is published: 0%

(0 out of 4 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dndi211 The institution reaches out to State government to discuss interventions
dndi212 The institution reaches out to oil commissions to discuss and plan
dndi213 The institution reaches out or collaborate with other institutions like NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs
dndi214 The institution cites complementary projects with other institutions or government agencies

Consultation with communities/other stakeholders and inclusion 0%

Consultation with communities/other stakeholders and stakeholders and inclusion. It is published: 0%

(0 out of 10 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dndi311 The institution has a community relations department or desk
dndi312 The institution conduct needs assessment
dndi313 The institution holds periodic town hall meetings with host communities
dndi314 Does your organisation consult/work with civil society organisations?
dndi315 Are projects jointly monitored in collaboration with communities/CSOs representatives?
dndi316 The institution consult with established leadership structure of communities
dndi317 The institution has a forum to interface with diverse groups such as women, men, youths, persons with disabilities
dndi318 The institution has a policy or administrative procedure regarding gender
dndi319 Do your projects mainstream the needs of women, youth and persons with disabilities?
dndi3110 Minutes of meeting with communities/CSOs representatives

Transparency in procurement process 0%

Transparency in procurement process. It is published: 0%

(0 out of 8 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dndi411 The institution has a procurement plan
dndi412 The institution advertises for pre-qualification or requesting for bidders in newspaper
dndi413 The institution has a notice board where procurement notices are placed
dndi414 The institution invites observers including CSOs to her bid opening ceremony
dndi415 The institution has standard bidding documents
dndi416 The institution’s adverts contain time and place of bid opening
dndi417 The institution announces the final winner of a procurement process
dndi418 The institution properly identifies her project on cite

Institutions’ integrity 0%

Institutions’ integrity. It is published: 0%

(0 out of 9 indicators)

Published ID Index Report broken link
dndi511 The head of the institution declares asset
dndi512 The institution has a functional anti-corruption and transparency unit (ACTU)
dndi513 The amount of debt of the institution is public
dndi514 Audit report of institution’s account done by external auditors are published
dndi515 List of payments and debts to contractors
dndi516 The institution publishes recruitment process for personnel
dndi517 Publish commitment template agreement with contractors
dndi518 Total amount awarded to contractors
dndi519 Initial amount disburse to contractors